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R e p r e s e n t a t i v e   M a t t e r s

B u s i n e s s

▶ Represented plaintiff in suit claiming

fraud and breach of contract arising out

of a real estate development agreement.

No settlement offer by defendant.

TRIAL RESULT: $1.35 million judgment

for plaintiff.

▶ Represented plaintiff in action for

fraud and breach of fiduciary duty related

to failed partnership. No settlement offer

by defendant.

TRIAL RESULT: $667.000 jury verdict

for plaintiff.

▶ Represented plaintiff in action

for breach of contract.

TRIAL RESULT: $905,000 judgment for plaintiff.

▶ Represented defendant, an accounting

firm, in lawsuit alleging conspiracy

to steal clients from another firm. 

Plaintiff alleged damages of $25 million.

RESULT: Settled for mid-five figures,

most of which was paid by client’s liability insurance carrier despite carrier's initial

coverage denial.

T r u s t s   &   E s t a t e s

▶ Represented beneficiary in action

to remove and surcharge successor


TRIAL RESULT: Co-trustees removed

and surcharged $105,000; client appointed

successor trustee.

▶ Represented proponent of will in 

will contest involving $500,000 estate. 

Will signed by only one witness.

TRIAL RESULT: Judgment for will proponent.

▶ Represented beneficiary named in Probate Code § 850 petition. Petitioners sought damages of $200,000 plus punitive damages. Two week trial.

TRIAL RESULT: Judgment for beneficiary.

▶ Represented plaintiff in suit to enforce

30-year old oral “Marvin” agreement against estate of deceased companion.

No settlement offer.

TRIAL RESULT: $256,000 jury verdict

for plaintiff.

M i s c e l l a n e o u s


▶ Defended contractor sued by school district

for construction defects; prosecuted cross-action for breach of contract. Co-trial counsel in six week jury trial.

TRIAL RESULT: $1.36 million jury verdict

for client.

▶ Defended repossession firm sued for

running over plaintiff in the course of aborted

repossession attempt. Plaintiff suffered

a crushed pelvis and had medical specials

of $412,000.

TRIAL RESULT: Jury verdict for defendant.

▶ Represented nursery owner in quiet title

action challenging existence of easement benefitting client’s property. Invalidation

of easement would have resulted in client’s property being undevelopable, reducing

market value by over $2 million.

TRIAL RESULT: Judgment for nursery owner.


▶ Represented plaintiff in suit to enforce oral "Marvin" agreement. Defendant's settlement offer: $10,000. 

TRIAL RESULT: $248,840 jury verdict

for plaintiff.

E m p l o y m e n t


▶ Represented defendant employer sued for alleged pregnancy discrimination.

TRIAL RESULT: Jury verdict for defendant.

▶ Represented defendant employer in action for pregnancy disability discrimination.

TRIAL RESULT: Defense verdict.

▶ Represented female victim of sexual harassment. No touching alleged.

RESULT: Pre-litigation settlement of $250,000.

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